Shady Lands- Action Platformer

Jump : Up arrow or mouse 0

Dash : Right arrow or mouse 1


Shady Lands

- Gameplay Trailer 2019-

Shady Lands is an irrepressible hero in a struggle in a universe of magnificent landscapes and shadows. Best adventure is wait you!
There are two button only. Jump and dash! it's that simple
A difficult journey awaits you, but don't be afraid of anything.In this dark adventure platformer Explore the strange, mystical and fantastic world.
Upgrade your hero to live and follow the world of adventure forever. Fly to survive.
Enter the dark world, filled with gloomy fantastic bad creatures and platform elements. Move on a path filled with poisonous flowers, flying  bad insects, flaming 
creatures, fight horrible traps.
Shady Lands avoid countless traps and turn them against your enemies. Lot s of platformer and side scroller elements.
Improve your shadowy hero, increase health, buy a flaming attack or bomb-blowing power, and let the enemies fear you.
Run towards your destiny with legendary improvements.

-DISCOVER your true power with magically imbued weapons and shields.
- A SINGLE PLAYER campaign with deviously imaginative levels
* Internet connection not required for single player 
- Intuitive two-touch controls combined with innovative level design
- Highly immersive audiovisual gaming experience - best enjoyed with headphones
* Super precise flying using touch
- More levels coming soon as free updates


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